Tomorrow, will still be Tomorrow.

I find myself thinking way to much into tomorrow. Which eventually leads into thinking much too far ahead. Don’t get me wrong, of course, we have to plan. But I think the key differences there is between the words thinking vs. planning.

1. a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.
2. an intention or decision about what one is going to do.
1. decide on and arrange in advance.
2. design or make a plan of (something to be made or built).

1. have a particular opinion, belief, or idea about someone or something.
2. direct one’s mind toward someone or something; use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas.
1. an act of thinking.

Thank you Google for the definitions to help me continue on with this blog post. 😉 Gotta give credit where it’s due, right guys. lol.

Carrying on… I believe two of those, one from each word definitions stand out to me. Plan, an intention or decision about what one is going to do. Think, direct one’s mind toward someone or something. Both kind of hand in hand right? However, I think when you mix the two together, there is a possibility to get caught up and cause oneself to become disappointed that things don’t go our way. Exactly what I tend to do.

I need to realize that when I plan something, I know that is something I have some sort of control over in the future. It can change, undergo modifications, or even be canceled. Although, in the end, it is something that I can do and accomplish or have happen. Where as, when I am thinking of the future, I can get extremely fixated in what my mind directs it towards thinking of. When in reality, as much as I want to get fixated over thinking so far ahead, they are thoughts. Thoughts get so hazy because we mix so many factors, pieces, or all in all pointless thoughts … that in the end… WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER.

As I type this, it should be easy to understand right? Should be something that I say, “Hey, you, stop and work towards no longer doing it…” In reality, I will probably get off of here and let my mind wander in thought. I guess, I just try to figure ways that would prevent me from doing that even just a tiny bit. Because I have, in my history of thought, caused some plans, which could have been accomplished; completely fail. Will I ever learn my lesson to not get lost in thought? Not let my thoughts turn into the multiple end results I try to formulate in my mind? Learn to accept that tomorrow will still be there and so will the next day? Eh, who knows. Just praying that I avoid allowing my thoughts win over my plans.

Cheers Nömsters, thank you for reading.


I know that I have been what seems to be quite the hiatus, but I promise you it was not even the slightest. I feel something I tend to do is try to roll out so many things at one time. Then, the end result of that is eventually biting off WAYY TO MUCH THAN I CAN CHEW. (…see my foodie reference there… LOL just kidding!) In all seriousness, I do get so stoked in knowing I want to start so many new projects, plan more events with family and friends, while balancing what pays the bills…my day job. That may have sounded a bit negative when I used the phrase “my day job”. Do not get me wrong at all, I am so thankful for this opportunity before me. I honestly, have not felt appreciated in the workplace in SO LONG. So please do not take that in the wrong way.

Anywhooo, I think what I meant to say is balancing priorities and extra curricular activities. I laugh because now I understand why in school they stress to you so much with the importance to not just fully be focused on all studies. But to remember to take extra curricular classes, activities, etc. When you weigh your time and efforts into something solely because you need it for your priorities. It can mentally drain you and blur the talents which we all have!

All in all, what I had to do in the beginning of this year is remind myself… “ONE…AT…A…TIME.” With the support of my best friend Celine and her amazing talent revamping my website. I am back and ready, hello nömsters!

Twenty-Nineteen Nöms

“Foodventure : The search of new foods/cuisine to try for yourself.”- Urban Dictionary

Last year, which of course was only 3 days ago, I was already planning all the way into October of 2019. I remember thinking of the numerous upcoming events, planning trips in between, and just flat out in awe of how fast I already saw the new year fly by. As I was planning out goals, projects, or anything; I kept going back to the question, “Do I even have time?” Every moment my mind would gravitate towards that thought, I felt the flush of anxiety and stress just hit all at once.

I back tracked a bit and reminded myself that, “The year isn’t even here yet, you have plenty of time, CALM DOWN.” Once I jotted down my goals and projects, I followed to prioritize them. I narrowed down my top 5 goals out of what I had written down on the paper in front of me. The rest, I reassured myself, would be extra if I could accomplish them by the end of the year. Again, reminding myself, that “IT IS OKAY.”

Therefore, this twenty nineteen, one of my goals will be to venture out with food. I want to explore new noms, enjoy new eats with my family and friends, discover new recipes to cook, balance a healthy lifestyle, and take the time to indulge every now and then. With exploring means findings to share through my blog and vlog with you all! Hoping to hear back if you get to try any of the places, your experiences, and even receive any recommendations from your own individual foodventures.

‘Til Next Noms…

Love, Hate Relationship…

“Espresso & Thunder”

When people ask me why I got my thunderbolt tattoo, they usually laugh and think I’m kidding when I say because of my “thunder thighs”. However, there is so much more underlying meaning behind the black inked image on my wrist.

This love, hate relationship with food developed during my childhood years. An absolute roller coaster caused by being over weight at a young age and dealing with a combination of not knowing how to manage my food intake, pleasing my peers, and falling under the pressure of the perception of what “a perfect body” should look like…

I will never forget standing in font of my peers in the 5th grade when someone said, “Kristiana you are not 90 pounds, you lied on your basketball card.” I tried my hardest to defend myself, but he was completely correct. I DID LIE. I was ten years old at 160 pounds.

It wasn’t until I moved to California when my parents had decided I needed to change my diet. Not take everything out completely, but modified what I was consuming and having “snacks” or “junk food” moderately. Boy was that a trip. It was a difficult time for me because I was so prone to my ways of eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. But I appreciated that they pushed me because it taught me how to be mindful of what I am putting in my body.

Come the summer before 7th grade, I had lost weight after my first year in California. But that summer, that was when I drastically lost it all. I went from 145 to 112 in those short 3 months. I felt amazing and when I started school I actually felt acknowledged a lot more. I had my first boyfriend that year. (Sorry mom and dad) But a few short months into the school year, I got an intense skin breakout and it was due to me not eating enough food. I was so distraught! I said, but how, how is this possibly happening to me when I am finally feeling good about myself. Then there I was again, self conscious and trying to hide more about myself.

The skin breakout went away after long treatments and countless visits to the dermatologist. Finally 8th grade was a stable year, I was eating and my skin was fine.

Following that was high school, the “biggest 4 years” of your life. High school, I was active by playing sports and what not. I always tried to make sure I was teetering between 125-135. Senior year hit and I was 145. I was so upset and kept asking myself what is going on! How?! There I was again, where I was before 7th grade. So I dieted and went back to basics and cut out unnecessary food out of my daily intake. It was fall of 2009 and I knew I had prom coming up in the spring that I didn’t wanna “look bad” in a dress.

At the time I was running cross country, so I felt good getting in our miles everyday and improving on my times during each meet. However, in the area I live in fall means it is around 90-100 degrees in September. I had a meet around that time and I told myself I’m loosing weight so no carbs. Along with not eating, I failed to remind myself to hydrate. My whole family came to the meet so I was ecstatic to see everyone there to cheer us on. As I was running, I felt absolutely energized. So I thought… I thought I had hit the finish line and completed the race. Until, I woke up in the back of an ambulance, completely disoriented. I asked, “What is going on?! Did I finish in time?!” What a crazy question knowing I’m clearly in an ambulance right?! Like I said, completely disoriented. Apparently, in reality, I had fainted about 500 meters from the finish line. Absolutely collapsed and my dad had to run and take all the water from the sidelines to try use it to get me up. I had gotten hit with a heat stroke in combination with me being malnourished, didn’t make anything better. Of course in the hospital my parents asked me, “did I eat and hydrate.” When they knew the exact answer to that before I even had to open my mouth. My parents threatened to take me off of sports if that is the way I wanted to handle my body. Moving forward, I made sure to “eat correctly” the remainder for my senior year.

College, oh lovely college. Those I would say were the biggest 4 years of my life. Moving out to the dorms and being given the immediate freedom after high school; was amazing! I said to myself, “Omg, I can leave my room…without having to ask anyone?!” Haha typical thought process of a child who pretty much only had the location range of school, sports, and home. What did this mean, I also had access to all these amazing new food around and… alcohol. My first job was at the dining commons on campus, so I was surrounded my food for my 8 ours of work. I took pride in being able to make massive burritos for everyone or beautiful sandwiches. Not only did I make them all, but yes; I consumed everything. My weight fluctuated, my emotions all over the place, and a constant battle with myself.

Today, I am currently in a better place with food and my perception of myself. This year, I plan to work towards a happy median between you and I food. Let’s see where we end up. Stoked to enjoy this year with you, family, friends, festivities, and more.

Cheers to twenty nineteen Nomsters.