Twenty-Nineteen Nöms

“Foodventure : The search of new foods/cuisine to try for yourself.”- Urban Dictionary

Last year, which of course was only 3 days ago, I was already planning all the way into October of 2019. I remember thinking of the numerous upcoming events, planning trips in between, and just flat out in awe of how fast I already saw the new year fly by. As I was planning out goals, projects, or anything; I kept going back to the question, “Do I even have time?” Every moment my mind would gravitate towards that thought, I felt the flush of anxiety and stress just hit all at once.

I back tracked a bit and reminded myself that, “The year isn’t even here yet, you have plenty of time, CALM DOWN.” Once I jotted down my goals and projects, I followed to prioritize them. I narrowed down my top 5 goals out of what I had written down on the paper in front of me. The rest, I reassured myself, would be extra if I could accomplish them by the end of the year. Again, reminding myself, that “IT IS OKAY.”

Therefore, this twenty nineteen, one of my goals will be to venture out with food. I want to explore new noms, enjoy new eats with my family and friends, discover new recipes to cook, balance a healthy lifestyle, and take the time to indulge every now and then. With exploring means findings to share through my blog and vlog with you all! Hoping to hear back if you get to try any of the places, your experiences, and even receive any recommendations from your own individual foodventures.

‘Til Next Noms…