I know that I have been what seems to be quite the hiatus, but I promise you it was not even the slightest. I feel something I tend to do is try to roll out so many things at one time. Then, the end result of that is eventually biting off WAYY TO MUCH THAN I CAN CHEW. (…see my foodie reference there… LOL just kidding!) In all seriousness, I do get so stoked in knowing I want to start so many new projects, plan more events with family and friends, while balancing what pays the bills…my day job. That may have sounded a bit negative when I used the phrase “my day job”. Do not get me wrong at all, I am so thankful for this opportunity before me. I honestly, have not felt appreciated in the workplace in SO LONG. So please do not take that in the wrong way.

Anywhooo, I think what I meant to say is balancing priorities and extra curricular activities. I laugh because now I understand why in school they stress to you so much with the importance to not just fully be focused on all studies. But to remember to take extra curricular classes, activities, etc. When you weigh your time and efforts into something solely because you need it for your priorities. It can mentally drain you and blur the talents which we all have!

All in all, what I had to do in the beginning of this year is remind myself… “ONE…AT…A…TIME.” With the support of my best friend Celine and her amazing talent revamping my website. I am back and ready, hello nömsters!